Steel/Matrix Body

KS Bit offers a wide variety of New and Rerun Matrix PDC (polycrystalline diamond cutter) bits. Our PDC bits are offered in a variety of sizes, blade count and cutter sizes.

PDC bits are designed for high speed drilling in shale, limestone, and sandstone formations. Unlike roller cones, these PDC bits are a one piece matrix bodies with no moving parts. The fixed-cutters shave away the rock, making it possible to operate with higher rotation speeds more efficiently in consolidated formations.

KS Bit is a proud distributor of Steel Body PDC Bits from Infinity Tool Manufacturing.
We can provide custom made PDC bits that are suited for drilling to the Oil & Gas, Geo-Thermal, Water well, Construction and Mining industries.
Bit diameters range from 3 7/8” up to 24” with a variety of cutters and optional back-out cutters as well as various blade counts.